I honestly don’t think I’d be playing at Cincinnati right now if it weren’t for Dale and D No. I was introduced to the two of them shortly after I moved to Rochester my sophomore year of high school. I’ll never forget the first day because it might’ve been the most uncomfortable I’d felt on a basketball court ever. In most of the games I’d played in up to this point. I was always one of the best players. I didn’t feel like that on my first day with them. I grew up in a small town where no people didn’t hoop like Dale hoops, so everything was new to me. And a little uncomfortable. But I kept coming back because I could feel myself growing as a player. Dale and D No are like yin and yang. They complement each other so perfectly. Dale taught me bag work. I might never use some of that stuff in a game but I know that I’m a better basketball player because of it. He also taught me how to guard and part of becoming a better defender was getting put through the blender a couple times guarding Dale because if there’s one thing that’s certain, Dale will try his hardest to make you look silly. And looking silly once in awhile made me better too. D No is completely different but just as effective. They see the game in a different way. D No is all about simplicity. Getting buckets the easiest way possible. One dribble pull up. Shot fake side steps. Float game. Easy money. Together they helped me become the player I am. However, what we developed off the court will forever be more important to me. They’re two of the realest dudes I’ve been around. Deep thinkers about basketball but also life. Great advice givers. Both constantly striving for more and more and reaching new levels. I never questioned whether they cared about me. Our bond is lifelong now and I’m forever grateful.

– Mason Madsen