Training with Practice Perfect and coach Dale helped me earn a D-1 scholarship in the Big East Conference. Coach Dale […]
Training with Practice Perfect elevated my game to have success at the division 1 level. They helped me develop my […]
Working with Coach Dale as my athletic trainer/ mentor and coach has great advantages. He knows me very well so […]
Practice Perfect brought my game to a whole other level. I came to PPT after 6yrs of pro basketball and […]
As a professional basketball player, working with Dale and Practice Perfect has helped me not only prepare for each season, […]
Dale was incredible to work with and pushed my game forward. Dale’s attention to detail was key in helping prepare […]
Being around Dale and DNo had me looking at the game through a different lens. They are both very creative […]
I honestly don’t think I’d be playing at Cincinnati right now if it weren’t for Dale and D No. I […]
Over the past couple years DNO and Dale have helped me tremendously both on and off the court. Both have […]