November 4th 2:30PM – 4PM @ 960 40th street NW 55901

This is a camp to introduce Practice Perfect habits to the youth of South East Minnesota. This camp will use fun and exciting drills to improve players game while also teaching the game of basketball!

What’s in store for your young baller?

🏀 Practice Perfect Habits: We’re all about building strong foundations, and that starts with instilling the right habits early on. Your child will learn the ropes of effective practice that will set them up for success on and off the court.

🏀 Game Improvement: We believe in learning through play! Our camp is packed with exciting drills and games that will not only level up your child’s basketball skills but also foster a deep love for the game.

🏀 Basketball Basics: Whether your little one is a newbie or a budding pro, we’ve got them covered. We’ll teach them the ins and outs of basketball in a way that’s engaging, easy to understand, and, most importantly, loads of fun!

Join us for this FREE camp November 4th 2PM!

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